The Global Student Citizenship Initiative aims at preparing students for the world outside of the classroom and helps them take control of their own learning.


Citizenship is more than just civics and government...

Citizenship is taking action.

Interactive curriculum

We've developed a curriculum model that focuses on students taking charge of their own learning through self-directed study and interdisciplinary analysis.

Community support

Connect with other schools and be part of a global citizenship initiative in empowering students to do more with their citizenship and with their school community.

Track student progress

Our online platform helps you track and recognize student progress in developing their skills as a knowledgeable citizen and in accomplishing their achievements.

The MYCITIZEN program gives schools a structured curriculum for developing knowledge in citizenship and practicing leadership in a way that empowers students take charge of their own learning.

Students advance through different stages, learning more about citizenship, community, government, health and life skills as they progress.